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The owner of the Bay Leaf Cafe has come together to create a new concept in Indian fine dining by sharing and utilizing their past experience in hospitality industry.Their philosophy is clear in setting up the right expectations from our guests and meet them all the time.

Owner has a proven,very successful track record of running a day spa & salon for past 24 years.Having a diverse client base of more than 3000,the owner has constantly received feedback from her guests about what they look for in an Indian restaurant and has incorporated those expectation in Bay Leaf Cafe.

After managing the kitchen with individual Chefs for few months,owners quickly realized the reason for inconsistent quality of food in various indian resturants,closing and reopening of resturant.This was primarily due to individual chef's their own way of cooking food and not willing to change.Owners got a consultant Chef from from a leading US Indian resturant to establish a process of base material procurement, preparation and cooking.This enabled us  maintaining the same food quality irrespective of who our chef is.Anything which is specific to individual chef's strength, we offer that as chef's special.

We have a diverse team of kitchen and front desk employees who share the owner's vision and do their best to meet our customer's expectations.

Please try our current Chef's specials like Chapli Kbaba, Goat/Chicken/Lamb Kadhai andKofta Curry apart from our best selling Chicken Tikka Masala.

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